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Comments From Customers

April 2017

"Wonderful selection of artists and media. I spread the word for each exhibit!" Sherly A

"Wonderful. Look forward to this every year. Thank you to artists being available to CHAT." Elaine F

"Thank you for hosting this show!" Juliet P

"Love your shows!" Margaret J

"Excellent as usual." Syliva H

"Always a great sale!" Danelle G

"I look forward to it each year!" Laura J

"Still an awesome show!" Lorna T

"WOW!" Joan S

"Great show and sale." Rebecca O

"Very colourful :) " Martin I

"Fantastic show!" Penny H


October 2016

"Always fantastic! I've found many gifts (for me and others!) at these shows!" Clare S

"It was great to meet and speak with the artists about their work and inspiration." Caleb A

"Beautiful, as always!" Trudy H

"AMAZING!!!" Jaime F

"Love this show!" Janet S

"Wonderful work!" Linda B

"It was AWESOME." Victoria A

"Love it!" Lorie B

"Great as always!" Sylvia H

"Always enjoy it!!" Earl C


April 2016

"As usual I loved the show and spent too much, but I can't help supporting local artists and filling my world with inspiring creativity." Rhonda K

"An incredible show!" Valerie W

"Awesome as always!" Lorna T

"Great - as usual!" Mary W

"Wonderful - my 1st time." Tatiana K

"Always a pleasure!" Gayle L

"Great unique items." Jim C

"An annual outing for us!!" Earl C

"Good stuff." Darren C

"Fantastic work here!" Shelley B

"Love it!" Corrine C

"Excellent! Love the variety." Shel H

"I love it every time!" Trudy H


October 2015

"Always a joy to come to." Donna B

"Amazing show. Incredible artists!!!" Jennifer T

"Love coming here. Better quality each year." Donna P

"Always so great." Macela S

"Love your shows!" Mona R

"Never miss a show." Jill R

"Every artist brings their best!" Donna C

"Wonderful, as always!!!" Connie P

"We love it!" Shirley S

"Always fantastic!" Jan B

"Amazing work." Sandy I


May 2015 - Calgary

"Beautiful show. Love coming." Connie P

"First time visiting . . . some lovely pieces :)" Elizabeth G

"Love it always . . . 6th time here." Alison M

"Fantastic as always!!!" Karen M

"Beautiful artwork!!!" Sheryl E

"Lovely :)" Emma F

"Great show! Yay!!" Sylvia H

"Always awesome!!" Clare S

"Very inspiring." Pauline V

"Beautiful." Jill N

"Great!" Gordon P

"Amazing show!!" Natasha P

"Wonderful and beautiful." Lisa R

"Beautiful!" Sheryl R

"Great selection. Very pretty." Rusha B

"Great show." Richard S

"Fantastic." Vivian W

"It's great." Grace C


October 2014 - Calgary

"Best art show in Calgary." Marnie W

"I always look forward to the show. Great quality." Sheena T

"Beautiful, as always!" Trudy H

"Lovely show. Always quality products. Keep up the good work." Sylvia H

"Another great show." Annie S

"Thank you. I love it. Looks great." Jennifer T

"Always a great show!" Karen F

"Beautiful, as always." Tina S

"Very impressive works. Love them all." Rie M

"Always wonderful. Great talent." Darlene M

"It is beautiful. AWESOME." Bernardien J

"Wonderful variety. Such talented artists!" Dorothy B

"Beautiful work; diverse collection of pieces." Monique S

"Lovely. Thank you!" Shelly O

"Talented artists!" Shirley K

"Beautiful again." Brenda T

"Fantastic." Vivian W

"Excellent!" Donna G

"Love it!" Doreen S

"Excellent." Laurel N


April 2014 - Calgary

"You need a larger venue - that's awesome!" Libby S

"Thanks for supporting local art at reasonable cost."Sue N

"Excellent opportunity to see some of Calgary's talent. Well done!"Joyce D

"Great show! Talented artists." Donna F

"Great show! Fabulous selection!" Jen B

"Wonderful art exhibition and sale!" Andy L

"Always a beautiful show." June R

"Great show! I make it every time I'm in town." Marie-Louise T

"Love the variety of different types of art." Amanda N

"I come every year - like the differenet types of works." Mary W

"Always great!" Jerry B

"Love it!" Lindy D

"Beautiful (again!)" Margaret B


October 2013 - Calgary

"I visited your show for the first time last Sunday and was amazed at the quality and range of products - I must say that I came away a little 'light in the wallet' after purchasing some beautiful pottery." Sue S

"Always love these shows - great stuff, nice to meet the artists. Have turned a lot of friends on to Calyx!" Clare S

"Lovely show - lots of inspiration." Susan B

"I love coming every year. Always something of interest." Donna P

"Love the show and sale! Great work :)!" Wendy L

"Love it!! Excellent variety." Maya W

"Great show. Great set up." Kat C

"Awesome! A friend brought me - I had never been before :)" Kim M

"Love it - great every year!" Kathy M

"Great show!" Heather M

"Excellent!"Gene B

"Fabulous!" Cathy T

"Gorgeous!" Paula S


April 2013 - Calgary

"I always love coming here. The artwork never disappoints!" Laurie A

"Love it every year! Great paintings and fabric art. So welcoming." Jan B

"It means so much to recognize local talent." Janice D

"Another great show!" Willi F

"Always awesome!" Katie H

"Excellent as always." Kent S

"Fantastic!" Vivian W

"Wonderful!" Angie H

"Awesome!" Cheryle B

"First time - will come again . . ." Laura F


November 2012 - Edmonton

"Love the eclectic layout - seriously astounding work! Engaging, well informed artists." Kim S

"Great show. Lots of variety and talent . . ." Deb B


October 2012 - Calgary

"Once again, I marvel at how well attended your show is and how nicely the attendees are dressed. You have turned this into a first class event, of which must make all of you extremely proud." Glenna B

"A superb show - high quality . . . stunning beauty and workmanship. And such variety of medium and style!" Donna C

"Lots of beautiful work! . . . good job!" Bhumika J

"Love the show - every year, both days!!" Lise G

"Wonderful. Love the sale." Doreen S

"Love it, as always!" Brenda M

"Always lovely!" Trudy H

"I love it all!" Carol I

"Wonderful" Gillian O

"Fab" Lynn T


May 2012 - Edmonton

"Very talented artists . . . Really enjoyed the show." Daryl S

"Lovely pieces!" Tara R

"Great show!." Cheryl M


April 2012 - Calgary

"AWESOME! I am saving now for fall :)" Susan M

"Amazing creativity and talent." Shannon M

"Breathtaking - a treat for the eyes and the heart." Randall B

"Loved everything - 'Need Money'!!" Lana S

"So many colours and objects with fabulous shapes! Love it. Thanks for working so hard." Nathalie S

"The artisans are professional and seasoned - and their presence at the fair is welcoming." Beverley B


November 2011 - Edmonton

"Wonderful show! So many talented artists under 1 roof!." Kane T

"Great quality stuff! Lots of temptation . . ." Elaine S

"Beautiful show! Always fantastic!." Anne S


October 2011 - Calgary

"EXQUISITE . . . a feast for the creative being!." Trea J

"LOVE IT! I try to attend every time!." Trudy H

"This is a great event. There is kindness and a great selection of art work." Lourdes V

"Very professional . . . friendly atmosphere." Larissa M

"Awesome. What an amazing collection of artists. Displays very well presented." Sharon K

"Fantastic show." Lotte E

"Love!" Laura M


May 2011 - Edmonton

"Beautiful displays and a wonderful variety of artists." Elyse B


April 2011 - Calgary

"Best art show I've been to in ages. Beautiful." Carol R

"The best art sale in Calgary!" - Steven L

"This is the best show around." Gerry B

"Absolutely amazing - keep up the good work! So much talent." Donna L

"A lovely mix of different styles in varying mediums. Impressive work!" Lara A

"I love attending your events. The art on display is spectacular." Martha D

"Fabulous show!! I'm excited to see such wonderful art work." Doris S


November 2010 - Edmonton

"BRAVO! WOW! Great show - thank you." - Russ & Dierdre A

"Beautiful quality work!" - Nancy M

"Amazing show! Thanks a lot." - Krista H

"Beautiful pieces. Much variety. Very welcoming." - Eloise P

October 2010 - Calgary

"Great show! No other show comes close to it!" - Jacqui E

"The quality of work is outstanding." - Cheryl S

"Absolutely lovely! First time visitor . . . I'll be back again." - Cailey M

"This year is even better than last year! Thanks Calyx!" - Lorna E

"A lot of variety . . . Great displays. Welcoming, friendly vibe." - Josh P

"Thanks! Wonderful show." - Ashley L

April 2010 - Calgary

"Spectacular array of beautiful work. Inspirational!" - Gail M

"Awesome! My first time at a Calyx show - lots of cool stuff." - Liz P

"Spotted the painting across the room and knew I had to have it!" - Wendy M

"My 11 year old son and I loved it. Next year I will save up my money to buy. I love the celebration of local artists." - Laura M

"I enjoy this show tremendously every time it is on. The quality of the art, the flow of the 'shopping experience' and the organization behind the scenes is very well orchestrated!" - Jacqui E

"This is the best show I have attended. I make sure never to miss it twice per year." - Lorraine M

"2nd day - more items to buy. I love the level of artist variety." - Martha D

"Calyx is truly distinctive in every facet of how an art show and sale should be!" - John E

"Wonderful. Please keep up the good work." - Tara O

"Love the 'gallery' style layout." - Stacey F

"Creativity in action!" - Ursula Z

"Great variety - beautiful." - Valie M

"Great talent here!" - Bo H

"Great talent pool!" - Lori M

"Super work!" - Alistair H

"Great show!" - Curtis B

"Excellent!" - Paul D

"Pottery is sweet!" - John P

Calyx Artwork
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Calyx Artwork
Calyx Artwork
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