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Calyx in Full Bloom

October 2016


April 2016

To all our valued Customers: Thank you for your continued support and kind comments! We love doing what we do and really appreciate your loyalty in supporting local artists. Thank you, thank you, thank you . . .

To all our talented Artists: Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and cooperation in making Calyx the best art show in town!

It was a busy weekend - in the first two hours Saturday morning, a record number of customers visited Calyx. And, there were a steady stream of happy shoppers, finding new art pieces to take home . . . all day . . . both days.

See you in the fall!

October 2015


May 2015 - Calgary

Here we are again . . . show #29! How time flies!! Looking forward to #30 in the fall . . .


October 2014 - Calgary


April 2014 - Calgary

Hard to believe, but our shows just keep getting better and better - both in attendance and sales, this was one of our best shows ever! Thanks to our very talented and loyal artists. See you in the fall . . .


October 2013 - Calgary

Well, wasn't that a beautiful weekend in every way?! Incredible weather, great attendance and lots and lots of sales. In 2D we had a great mix of landscape, still life, abstract and figurative. Even one our our artists' models attended - seen here in front of the painting she posed for! Our 3D work was as strong as ever - fibre, stone, glass, metal, jewellery, ceramic, wood and more . . .


April 2013 - Calgary

In spite of a weekend of rather changable and challenging weather, we had a great turn out and robust sales at our Calyx Calgary show! Thank you to those of you who have just discovered us and to all of our loyal supporters. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.


March 2013 - Update

Without a Calyx director living in Edmonton, we are sorry to say that we will not be hosting shows in Edmonton this year.


January 2013 - News!

Calyx Director Kellee Terpstra is pleased to share news of her return to Calgary. She is looking forward to seeing you at her new residence for submission drop off in the spring. Stay tuned . . .


November 2012 - Edmonton

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Despite the weather and some challenging road conditions, many alumni and several new artists joined us for our fall show in Edmonton - a wonderful mix of familiar and new . . . 2D and 3D . . . it just keeps getting better!


October 2012 - Calgary

Well now, wasn't that a rush on Sunday morning!? We have never seen the holds table so full! Our 24th Calgary show was clearly one of our best!

Speaking of a 'rush,' have you ever wondered what it looks like outside the hall just before the doors open for the artists to begin set up?? Here you go . . . drink up Finnuala since you know you cannot bring your java in with you . . .


May 2012 - Edmonton

Thank you . . . to all of our very talented artists for making Calyx Distinctive Arts' 4th Edmonton show a tremendous success! It was an outstanding group effort, demonstrating the cooperation and true essence of what an artists’ collective is meant to be.  We have left Edmonton ‘buzzing’ about our show, and we are confident that both our reputation and our sales will grow in Edmonton, as they have in Calgary.  The feedback from many customers indicates that we have made a very favourable impression!


April 2012 – Calgary

Thank you . . . to all of our very talented artists for making Calyx Distinctive Arts' 23rd Calgary show a tremendous success! Approximately 1500 art lovers visited our show with many of them having acquired new art for themselves and for others as gifts. Several customers commented that they thought it was our strongest show ever.  We suspect they got that right!

Just sayin' . . . on Sunday afternoon, one artist observed that no other art show or gallery in Calgary offers the “quality, diversity and originality – in one weekend under one roof” that Calyx has become known for – and that designers, decorators and home owners alike could make Calyx their “one stop shopping destination'’ for creating a beautiful living space.  We agree!

April 2011 – Calgary

Calyx Distinctive Arts’ 21st show can best be described by one of our participating artists: "Thanks! . . . for another great Calyx event. As always, it was a beautiful, organized, and professionally presented show . . . there was an undeniable buzz of excitement in the air all day long. It was great to see so many happy customers lugging their treasures out the door! . . ."

Here we are with our new Calyx reusable bags . . .

November 2010 – Edmonton

Calyx Distinctive Arts’ first Edmonton exhibition and sale was a huge success. Wide eyed customers strolled through beautifully displayed high quality art work at the Pleasantview Community League Hall. A good turnout, brisk sales and lots of customer enthusiasm contributed to the show’s great success. We are already looking forward to our second semi-annual show in Edmonton next May.

October 2010 - Calgary

Calyx Distinctive Arts, an artists’ collective that has made the Crescent Heights Community Centre its home since inception, celebrated its 10th anniversary and 20th art show in October, 2010. From its humble beginnings with 16 artists participating in a one day show, Calyx has grown to feature over 50 artists in each two day show every spring and fall.

Calyx directors, graduates from the Alberta College of Art and Design BFA program, developed their unique business model as a hybrid between gallery style and artist run shows, offering both art makers and art buyers the best of both worlds. This is a juried show and the work is of exceptional quality. As a result, customers line up before the doors open to be first to view and purchase artworks from the amazing selection displayed. A unique feature of this show is that it is actually two shows in one - a different show with different artists each day! Local residents have commented, when the Calyx show is set up at the Community Hall, that the hall has never looked better. And the CHCA gets spin off benefits too. Since Calyx shows the hall to great advantage, several Calyx customers have subsequently booked the hall for their own weddings or parties.

At all Calyx shows, the artists are in attendance so that customers are able to talk to them about their artwork. Prices are reasonable, as is the commission structure, so the result is that everyone gets a good deal - artists and customers alike! The Calyx show has developed quite a following with a growing mailing list comprised of people from all areas of Calgary and surrounding communities. The Calyx directors would like to thank their customers for their continued strong support!