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Alumni Since 2001 - (386)


2 Curls Jewellery, Jewellery

Prameesha Abeysekera, Painting

Wendy Alger, Jewellery

Mindy Andrews, Ceramics

Sally Argast, Fibre Arts

Allie Arnst, Painting

Michelle Atkinson, Fused Glass

Karen Aulik-Now, Painting

Elisabeth Baechlin, Jewellery

Joan Bailey, Painting

Brenda Banda-Johnson, Painting

David Barnes, Pottery and Clay Sculpture

Marcie Barsky, Painting

Hellen Beamish, Fused Glass

John Beamish, Stained Glass

Rex Beanland, Painting

Bee Kingdom, Hot Glass

Pat Bennett, Woven Baskets

Triona Benvin, Painting

Louise Blank, Painting

Paul Beseau, Blown Glass

Betty Beyer, Painting

Karen Biko, Painting

Dale Bishop, Pen & Ink Drawing

Louise Blank, Painting

Carole Bondaroff, Printmaking

Cindy Bouwers, Painting

Joyce Boyer, Painting

Jeff Boyle, Sculpture

Rachelle Brady, Painting

Lisa Brawn, Painted Wood Cuts

Melissa Breault, Pastels

Heather Brewster, Paintings & Painted Objects

Jacquie Broadfoot, Painting

Andy Brooks, Turned Alabaster Vessels

Maureen Bruinsma, Painter

Heather Buchanan, Painting

Sue (Van Dyck) Bussoli, Painting

Holly Burghardt, Painting

Vania Burton, Fused Glass

Caroline Butler, Drawing

Stephen Capp, Jewellery

Christina Callahan, Millefiori

Anna Carnell, Stone Mosaics

Donna Carter, Painter

Jan Chalupnicek, Painting

Jonathan Chan, Painting

David Cheney, Painting

Jennifer Chipperfield, Painting

Louise P. Chong, Jewellery/Metal Sculpture

Connie Christensen, Painting

Ingrid Christensen, Painting

Bob Chudyk, Sculpture

Sandra Civitarese, Ceramic

Julianne Clease, Painting

Donna Clement, Fibre Arts

Kimberley Cook, Painting

Brian Cox, Sculpture

Virginia Crooks, Painting

Bonnie Curran , Painting

Leslie Delanty, Fibre Arts

Gerry Dilschneider, Jewellery

Greg Doherty, Painter

Jane Durham, Ceramic Artist

Linda Duthie, Ceramic Artist

Julie deBoer, Painting

Eve de Moissac, Fibre Arts

Bobbie Deno, Jewellery & Metals

Maureen Devlin, Painting

Karen Dixon, Painting

Sally Dobbin, Ceramics

Jacqueline Donoghue, Painting

Nancy Penner Dormer, Painting

Lori Doyon, Painting

Stephen Dozois, Painting

Brian Dunphy, Wood Turning

Suzette Dunphy, Wood Turning

Patti Dyment, Painting

Virginia Edwards, Painting

Cindy Eisbrenner, Drawing

Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett, Fibre Arts

Lotte Elsgaard, Painting

Patricia Ennis, Stained Glass

Jim Etzkorn, Ceramics

Stephen Evans, Pottery

Beverly Farley, Painting

Kristen Federchuk, Painting

Sheila Fendall, Jewellery

Brent Fellner, Sculpture

Anne Fetterly, Fibre Arts

Melanie Figueroa, Painting

Glenn Fines, Wood Turned Pens/Pencils

Lois Fisch, Painting

Milt Fischbein, Jewellery

Tammy Fischer, Painting

David Fisher, Photography

Susan Forest, Painting

Hilary Forge, Ceramics

Richard Freely, Sculpture

Veronica Funk, Painting

Dena Fuss, Painting

Connie Geerts, Painting

Greg Gerrard, Photography

Douglas George, Ceramics

Anne Gidluck, Painting

Luella Gilchrist, Painting

Annette Gillard, Painting

Julia Gillmor, Pottery

Kim Goddard, Bead Bugs & Jewellery

Elana Goodfellow, Painting

Nikki Gour, Mixed Media

Janet Grabner, Ceramics

Teresa Grasby, Painting

Peter Greendale, Drawing

Lois Griffiths, Painting

Tara Griffiths, Clothing

Peter Hahn, Marquetry

Charles Hall, Painting

Krista Hamilton, Mixed Media Painting

Linnea Hannigan, Painting

Rea Harfield, Lampworked Glass Beads

Myrna Harris, Fibre Arts/Felting

Tracey Harris, Watercolours & Printmaking

Crys Harse, Metalwork

Bonnie Haughton, Painting & Fibre Arts

Shannon Heap, Photography

Dawn Heinemeyer, Painting

Lisa Heinricks, Mixed Media

Terri Heinrichs, Mixed Media

Alice Helwig, Painting

Martha Henry, Hot Glass

Anja Hertle, Mosaic Art

Kathy Hildebrandt, Painting

Fay Hodson, Fibre Arts

Becky Holuk, Painting

Cindy Hoppe, Fibre Arts

Susan Hubele, Ceramics and Sculpture

Jami Hughes, Jewellery

Jessica Hughes, Lampworked Glass Bead Jewellery

Mami Humphreys, Watercolour/Ink Painting

Lauren Hutchings, Painting, Mosaic Mirrors

Finnuala Irwin, Painting

Carol Iwaasa, Fibre Arts

Frances Izod, Painting

Ann Jasmin, Dolls, Handbags

Maria-Paz Jarpa, Painting

Trea Jensen, Drawing and Painting

Patricia Johansen, Painting

Catherine Johnson, Painting

Doug Johnston, Painting

KC Jones, Painting

Mackenzie Jones, Jewellery

Milos Jones, Printmaking

Ludmila Kalinina, Painting

Suchita Karkhanis, Painting

Monika Kazik, Painting

Darlene Kellet, Ceramics

Renate Kiefer-Wege, Marionettes

Karen King, Fibre Arts

Margaret Klappstein, Painting

Deb Klics, Painting

Barb Kowalik, Painted Floor Cloths

Susan Kristoferson, Paper Arts & Mixed Media

Gwen Kroon-Tellier, Painted Chairs

Liba Labik, Painting

Suzanne Lacoste, Photography

Martina Laird-Westib, Print Making

Elizabeth Laishley, Painting

Katherine Lakeman, Painting

Deanna Lavoie, Painting

Kate Lawes, Willow Furniture & Mosaics

Mary Lynn Lawrence, Painting

James Lavoie, Fused Glass

Katie Leahul, Painting

Suzanne LeBlanc, Painting

Nicole LeBoutillier, Painting

Marilyn Lee, Fibre Arts

Tammy Lee, Photography

Stella Lee, Ceramics

Christine Leinweber, Mixed Media Painting

Ryan Lewis, Painting

Carol E. Little, Painting

Janice Lochhead, Alcohol Acrylics

Janie Lockwood, Painting

Jerry Loran, Painting

Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon, Painting

Julia Lowther, Jewellery

Albert Lui, Painting

Lorriane Luyten, Fibre Arts

Kathy Lycka, Painting

Donna MacDonald, Painting

Joanne MacDonald, Sculpture

Laurie MacFayden, Painting



Carol MacGregor, Jewellery

Jera MacKenzie, Photography

Cynthia Makara, Painting

Karen Makowski, Painting

Caryl Malcolm, Mixed Media

Hanna Mari, Fibre Arts

Sonja Marinoske, Painting

Branko Marjanovic, Painting

Deborah Marshall, Painting

Cheryl Bakke Martin, Jewellery

Nicole Martin, Jewellery

Regina Marzlin, Fibre Arts

Heather Matwe, Jewellery

Lynda McAmmond, Pastels

Kathleen McCallum, Painting

Teresa McCallum, Painting

Bernadette McCormack, Painting

Kay McCormack, Sculpting

Christine McDonald, Ceramics & Painting

Doug McElligott, Painting

Lisa McGrath, Ceramics

Laura McIvor, Jewellery

Patti McNab, Painting

Julie Mears, Fibre Arts, Beaded Purses

Chris Melnychuk, Wall Sculpture

Lynette Melnyk, Painting

Candice Meyer, Jewellery

Tami Miller, Mixed Media over Photos

Carol Milne, Painting

Jana Milne, Painting

Christine Mitchell, Painting

Susan Mitchell, Fibre Art

Joel Monea, Painted Woodcuts

Ashleigh Amber Moore, Jewellery

Marc Moquin, Woodworking

Margot Morrell, Painter

Jamie Morris, Painting

Autumn Skye Morrison, Drawing & Painting

Linda Mosher, Naked Raku

Stephen Murphy, Bookbinding & Photo Transfers

Vicki Myers, Painting

Vickie Newington, Fibre Arts

Helen Newsome, Painting

Alma Newton, Fibre Arts

Catherine Anne Nixon, Painting

Zoong Nguyen, Jewellery

Maksym Osypchuk, Painting

Anne Ormerod, Jewellery & Mixed Media

Joan Packham, Paper Arts & Mixed Media

Jennifer Park, Painting

Wendy Passmore-Godfrey, Mixed Media

Vanessa Pearson, Painting

Melissa Pedersen, Jewellery

Mrunalini Pendharkar, Painting

Gordon Pengilly, Sculpture

Judy Perrin, Painting

Sarah Perseo, Sculpture

Mila Pestova, Painting

Ellen Pfalzgraff, Fibre Arts

Doug Philp, Painting

Alison Philpotts, Painting

Bob Pike, Ceramics

Connie Pike, Ceramics

Piroska Pipo, Painting

Dee Poisson, Drawing

Cory Porterfield, Blown Glass

Jeremy Pringle, Wood Working & Wood Turning

Tracy Proctor, Painting

Steven Pulvermacher, Wood Turning

Jackie Ramsay, Painting

Colleen Rauscher, Handmade Paper

Michelle Reavley, Painting

Jeweliyana Reece, Fused Glass

Angie Rees, Painting

Sherile Reilly, Painting

Annette Resler, Painting

Andrea Revoy, Ceramic

Chris Riley, Painting

Dana Roman, Painting & Fibre Arts

Lisa Roos, Painting

Magz Ross, Painting

Kathryn Ruckman, Pottery

Melanie Rudy, Quilting

Leslie Runciman, Jewellery

Grazyna Rurka, Beaded Jewellery

Beau Ryan, Painting

Dana Ryffel, Fibre Arts

Laurie Saukko, Fused Glass

Glenda Savard, Painting

Karen Scarlett, Painting

Sheila Schaetzle, Painting

Jennifer Schinschick, Painting

Bronwyn Schuster, Mixed Media Painting & Jewellery

Lisa Schwartz, Fibre Arts

Sue Scott, Fibre Arts

Patt Scrivener, Painting

Dena Seiferling, Needle Felting

Veronica Sekella, Painting

Ruby Serben, Ceramics

Joan Seville, Watercolour Painting

Laura Sharp, Ceramics

Jo-Ann Shaw, Sculpture & Ceramics

Kathryn J. Sherman, Painting

Donna Marchyshyn Shymko, Painting

Tina Sikora, Metal Sculpture

Joel Sinclair, Watercolour Painting

Hazel Skavberg, Sculpture

Sean Smith, Cast Concrete

Sherri Smith, Ceramics

Ted Smith, Painting

John Smith-Jones, Metalwork

Kashifa Sohail, Painting

Kathy Somerville, Wood Turning

Curtis Sorensen, Painting

Michelle Sorensen, Stained Glass

Kate Spencer-Milan, Painting

Gwen Spinks, Painting

Andrea Steell, Fibre Arts

Aaron Steinley, Furniture

Erin Stelmaschuk, Copper

Shea Stiles, Painting

StillPoint Pottery, Pottery

Mitzi Stone, Mixed Media Arts

Franny E Strathern, Jewellery

Brenda Stratton, Fibre Arts

Lisa Strecko, Night Lights

Diane Sullivan, Pottery

Liz Sullivan, Painting

Do-Hee Sung, Ceramics

Mary Swain, Ceramics

Claire Taylor, Jewellery

Marnie Temple, Painting

Kellee Terpstra, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics

Mady Thiel-Kopstein, Painting

Kenneth Thomas, Drawing

Kerri-Anne Thomas, Fibre Arts

Lisa Marie Thomson, Photography

Susan Thorpe, Ceramics & Sculpture

Joelle Thrasher-Andison, Painting

Heide Tieleman, Fiber Arts

Lillian Tkach-Matisons, Painting

Ljubica Todorovic, Painting

Brittney Tough, Painting

Deb Turner, Fibre Arts

Elaine Tweedy, Painting

Freyja Ulveland, Fibre Arts

Darren Umbsaar, Painting

Diana Un-Jin Cho, Fibre Arts

Edith VanderKloot, Mixed Media on Ceramic Tile

Michelle Van Gelderen, Painting

Margot Van Lindenberg, Fibre Arts

Mali Vargas, Painting

Christine Varro, Photography

Pamela Vickerson, Painting

Carol Voyt, Ceramics

Meghan Wagg, Jewellery

Gina Waks, Painting

Brenda Walker, Painting

Nancy Walker, Painting

Debra Ward, Painting

Lorrie Warkentin, Painting

Jolanta Warpechowska-Gruca, Jewellery

Anne Watson, Painting, Intaglio

Jennifer Watson, Jewellery

Tammy Watt, Painting

Pam Weber, Painting

Arlene Westen Evans, Mixed Media & Fibre Arts

Shirley Westerveld, Fibre Arts

Linda White, Fibre Arts

Susan White, Jewellery, Lampworked Glass

Helen Whyte, Painting

Kerry Wiens, Painted Gourds

Linda Wilder, Painting

Rita Wildschut, Painting & Sculpture

Jeffery Wilkins, Metalwork

Jody Williams, Ceramics

Karyn Joy Williams, Lampworked Glass Bead Jewellery

Sharon Lynn Williams, Mixed Media Painting

Michelle Wilman, Lampworked Glass Bead Jewellery

Rob Wilman, Woodturning

Cam Wilson, Painting

P. Susanah Windrum, Metal Sculpture & Jewellery

Khethwen Woo, Blown & Lampworked Glass

Adele Woolsey, Painting

Jeremy Wordie, Drawing

Simon Wroot, Jewellery & Metals

Teresa Wyss, Pottery

Carol Yahaya, Painting & Handmade Journals

Helen Young, Drawing and Painting

Randall Young, Painting

Claudia Zakrison, Jewellery

Iryna Zayarny, Painting

Oksana Zhelisko, Painting