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Comments From Participating Artists

"As a first timer . . . thank you for such a positive experience from day one. Your efforts helped me stay relaxed enough to let things just roll out - I sure had a great day meeting lovely visitors who asked good questions about process and techniques. A lot of laughing for sure . . . can't thank you enough for your intuition to take care of all your artists . . . Thank you both for the legacy you've created, and the steady firm guidance throughout the entire process."

. . . 2 days later . . .

"You are amazing! I came home from work and a little envelope was there from Calyx. I've seen how you both work and your diligence is truly remarkable. You make tired artists perk up, and ready to think about the next show with you. A million thanks Kellee and Carol."

Louise P Chong, Jeweller

"THANK YOU . . .  I fell in love with the Calyx show. It's an incredible event that the two of you have created . . .  I am very happy with the exposure and feedback that it provided. As well as the opportunity to meet some fantastic artists."

Deanna Lavoie, Painter

"Thank you both for an amazing day. You two were very patient with me and I enjoyed your show very much. Like I said before it was very organized and everyone enjoyed themselves. You were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for having me."

Janice Lochhead, Painter

"Thank YOU two for all your dedication and hard work organizing this event. You are a dream to work with and thank you for including me in this show. I hope to join you again."

Adele Woolsey, Painter

"Thank you Carol and Kellee for another fantastic Calyx show!  You are an awesome team, so organized and thoughtful. It is a joy to participate in your show.  I was overwhelmed by how quickly my artwork sold - just fantastic."

Anja Hertle, Mosaic Artist

"The "super-sonic speed" in which I received my cheque is amazing. Got it on Wednesday! Thank you so very much! I am always amazed at how smoothly things run. I wasn't expecting this kind of turnout in the spring, but the numbers are a testament to the great reputation Calyx has and ALL the hard work you do behind the scenes. My sales were so much better than I expected. As an artist, it's nice to have that validation. Again, thank you."

Sandra Civitarese, Ceramic Artist

"Thank you so much - it was an awesome day for me given it was my first experience. Both Kellee and Carol are so organized, calm , such wonderful young ladies to work with. You have everything running so smoothly, a joy to be a part of."

Pat Johansen, Painter

"Woo hoo! THANK YOU ladies for consistently pulling off this awesomely attended, creative and professional show.  Not to mention your amazingly organized administrative talents!"

Lisa McGrath, Ceramic Artist

"I would like to thank you both so much for allowing me to participate on Saturday! It was an incredible day of connecting with artists, customers and getting some serious exposure! The experience was invaluable!  Thanks for all that you put into the show to make it what it is."

Julie deBoer, Painter

"Thank YOU TWO  for making Calyx possible. I know it takes a lot of work to make a show happen and to make it great takes even more work. You pros make it look easy. "

Jeweliyana Reece, Fused Glass

"You totally rock. And I love working with you ladies. 
Big hugs to you both . . . "

Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett, Fibre Artist

"You two are "da bomb"!!!! Xoxo "

Brenda Walker, Painter

"Thanks so much for a fabulous, well organized first experience with Calyx.
I enjoyed the day very much and appreciate all of your hard work."

Dee Poisson, Drawing

"Thank you guys for your hard work in organizing Calyx, it is a great show, and I appreciate being there.  Hope to see you in the fall."

Suzanne LeBlanc, Painter

"Carol!  Kellee!  THANK YOU!! Thank you for all the heart and soul and work you both pour into making CALYX the best show in town!  And for providing a fantastic audience for all the artists to get their work out there in the world.  I, for one, am very grateful and I know many others are too!" 

Jeweliyana Reece, Fused Glass Artist

"I wanted to take a moment to send a thank you. I felt very privileged to be part of such a great event. The caliber of artists, the art exhibition, and professionalism where inspiring. The experiences that I have taken away from this event are instrumental in my art journey. I am excited as I continue to grow as an artist, and look forward to future art exhibits with Calyx. Thank you!"

Cindy Eisbrenner, Artist

"Calyx is an absolute must for me to be a part of.  I look forward to it each season, and plan my creations to make sure I have a new good selection . . . it’s a testament to Carol and Kellee who have many systems and procedures in place from their years of experience that everything just flows. It’s an incredible experience for clients looking for just the right piece and for artists looking for exposure . . . I often tell people ‘if you’re hoping to attend an art sale, make it this one."

Karen Biko, Painter

"Got my cheque in the mail today.  You guys are SPEEDY!  Thanks again for the opportunity to show with Calyx.  It was a great day of chatting with customers and fellow artists . . . people seemed happy to be there finding treasures."

Terri Heinrichs, Mixed Media Artist

"Hi there dynamic duo!!  My cheque just arrived a few minutes ago and I want to thank you both for it.  Yes, it was a top-notch show and I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in it . . . a great group of artists!  Thanks again for everything you've done for me . . ."

Hellen Beamish, Fused Glass Artist

"Thank you for all the hard work and organization you put into these sales. They run so smoothly and have great attendance!"

Sandra Civitarese, Ceramic Artist

"Great show, great organization. You both work very hard to make it a success! Proud to have been part of it!"

Lisa Roos, Painter

"Thank you for Calyx, it was awesome."

Claire Taylor, Jeweller

"I am so happy have had the opportunity to be involved in Calyx for a number of years now.  The caliber of the art is far superior to any other show I have participated in and the energy of room is exhilarating.  Carol and Kellee do a fabulous job at organizing, picking amazing artists and seamlessly running the show – great job and thanks!"

Tracy Proctor, Painter

"Thank you ladies, again, for another amazing show. So inspiring to be surrounded by so many diverse beautiful works of art . . . As always, I met so many wonderful people.  Absolutely love the artists at the show - a joy to be around. I also really appreciate the opportunity to connect with people who are purchasing my art - as they are taking home with them a piece of my heart; it really is why I hope to always be a part of Calyx . . . my favorite show.  Warm Wishes."

Patti McNab, Painter

"Thank you!!!!!!  Yet again you ladies are awesome!!  I had a wonderful time and was exhausted by 8 pm. Bet you were too!!  Hugs to both of you!!!  Weaver girl in the corner. "

Elizabeth Ellis, Fibre Artist

"Thank you so much.  Wow, what an amazing show.  I was very impressed at the quality of work and the venue . . . I appreciate the opportunity to participate and will be applying next year . . . Thank you again.  I hope to see you in spring."

Joyce Boyer, Painter

"Thanks so much Carol and Kellee for including my work (and me) in the latest Calyx show. It was a great experience for me . . . It was wonderful to be surrounded by other artists all day . . . Of course you two were a delight and gave us much good information.  See you for the next one."

Luella Gilchrist, Painter

"Great to be a part of a strong network of fellow artists. There is a loyal following which always makes for a great show. Appreciate the hard work of everyone involved. "

Rachelle Brady, Painter

"Thanks again for providing me with a great venue for selling my glass. I appreciate your professionalism in all that you do.  Cheers."

Hellen Beamish, Fused Glass Artist

"I am so thrilled to have returned to Calyx - I felt so welcomed and rewarded being back home with what truly feels like family. Thanks to all of you for your never wavering support."

Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon, Painter

"I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the Edmonton and Calgary shows. You guys are awesome and I really admire you and your commitment to Calyx. Your shows always look terrific and from a participants perspective they run so smoothly - it's really a pleasure."

Angie Rees, Painter

"Thank you SO much for a wonderful first experience with Calyx! The energy
was high, and it was a pleasure to meet the other artists and see what
they've been inspired to create. The day was very well organized from start
to finish. I heard several comments from customers on the quality of the
show . . . You have a great thing going! Thanks for the very prompt payment and level of professionalism you have achieved. I have long admired the show, and was so happy to be able to participate this year."

Terri Heinrichs, Mixed Media Artist

"If you have been to a Calyx show, then you know it's a fantastic art show, but it is also a great show for artists as the organizers look after all the details to make sure everything goes smoothly."

P Susanah Windrum, Metal Artist

"Thank you for accepting me and my work into your show. I had a great day connecting with other artists and talking with people. Sold a few things too!"

Jeweliyana Reece, Fused Glass Artist

"Just wanted to send you a huge "thank you" for the wonderful day in Edmonton. What a joy to be surrounded by such amazing art and wonderful people. Thanx so much for the opportunity. I hope that your muscles are soothed, your minds are quiet, and the wine is cold to enjoy the rest of the season!"

Ruby Serben, Ceramic Artist

"Thank you so much for letting Joel and I participate in Calyx. It was an amazing experience for both of us."

Freyja Ulveland, Fibre Artist

"It was an awesome day. Thanks, as always, for making it all happen. I really appreciate being part of such an excellent event!"

Jacquie Broadfoot, Painter

"I am ever so grateful to you and your 'team' for the incredible experience I had being part of the sale on Sunday.  I met so many wonderful people and am so impressed by the professional way CALYX operates. It was truly an honour.  Heartfelt thanks."

Patti McNab, Painter

"THANK YOU. I had another great day meeting people surrounded by wonderful artists and artwork!! What a rush of a day! I do hope I'll get accepted again in October. Thanks again"

Nancy Penner Dorner, Painter

"What home owner or decorator wouldn't appreciate one stop shopping?  The wide selection Calyx offers makes it easy to choose paintings and other items for all the rooms in a home.  And even though the variety is extensive, the quality of the items never suffers.   A weekend of shopping at Calyx, fills a home with treasures."

Connie Christensen, Painter

"My experience with Calyx absolutely exceeded my expectations.  The preparation and all the information I received as to how the show ran was extremely well prepared and presented, I knew where I was supposed to be and what was expected from me.  The group of artists I worked with were great fun and super supportive, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to help promote other artists.  A wonderful show!"

Laura Sharp, Potter

"Calyx Art Sales makes the artist’s job of selling their artwork easy and effective.  Everything down to the smallest detail is accomplished with efficiency and professionalism.  Several guests noted that Calyx puts on the best art shows of the season and that is the reason they return year after year.  Thanks for everything!"

Donna MacDonald, Painter

"Not only is Calyx is extremely well organized and professionally (and beautifully) run by fabulous ladies, it is an honour for me to be included with such a roster of talented professional artists.  Thank you so much for the opportunity."
Veronica Funk, Painter

"Thanks! . . . for another great Calyx event. As always, it was a beautiful, organized, and professionally presented show . . . there was an undeniable buzz of excitement in the air all day long. It was great to see so many happy customers lugging their treasures out the door! I had a great show and hope you did too . . . thanks again . . ."

Joan Bailey, Painter

"Calyx has used the decades of experience it now has to it's full advantage to present a smoothly and efficiently run show. It is also a great place to meet many wonderful artists using all types of media, all producing high quality work.

Connie Christensen, Painter

"I had an absolultely great day. There was so much wonderful art everywhere. A very positive and energetic environment. Meeting other artists was one of the big highlights! The fact that all the artists are in attendance was an added bonus for the happy visitors. Great job Bonnie, Kellee and Carol. I hope to get another opportunity to be a part of Calyx."

Nancy Penner Dormer, Painter

"Many thanks for the swift arrival of the cheque . . .  The whole event is a marvel of organization.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in autumn."

Anne Ormerod, Jeweller

"Calyx is superior to other shows in so many ways . . . the exceptionally high quality of the artwork . . . the best run and best organized show I have ever participated in . . . remarkably diverse selection of work, all of it of outstanding calibre . . . from both returning Calyx artists and the amazing new talent that Calyx is so adept at finding and showcasing."

Julia Lowther, Jeweller

"I've been participating in the show for many years now and I must say that from the beginning I've been impressed by the calibre of the organizers and the participants. It is professional, fun and always a great experience for the artists and the patrons. It is by far the best show of its kind in Calgary."

Connie Geerts, Painter

"Beautiful art work of all kinds is efficiently organized and tastefully displayed. The show has an amazing reputation, it's clients line up to get in! The Calyx organizers have made an art of exhibiting and selling art."

Maria Paz, Painter

"The Calyx Art Show is an amazing gathering of original, local artists with great talent and supportive attitudes. There is no other show like it. One client made comment that the artists worked together to find what she was looking for, instead of being competitive with one another. Come see for yourself the inviting and positive environment that Calyx showcases . . . you won't be disappointed!"

Nicole Martin, Jeweller

"Calyx Distinctive Arts is without a doubt the best art and fine craft show with which I am involved. I am continually impressed with how well organized and how smoothly the show runs - kudos to Bonnie, Carol, Kellee and the very professional community of artists."

Susan Thorpe, Potter

"Being a part of the Calyx experience is the most fun one can have while selling their art bar none!!! The group is professional and efficient yet they make it entertaining and, I can't say it enough . . . FUN! You can't get that at your typical gallery. I can't tell you how much I look forward to each and every event!"

Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett, Fibre Artist

"Thank you Carol, Bonnie and Kellee for organizing and running a fabulous show once again. I'm honoured to be part of it and I think you three do a damn good job at creating a varied, interesting and eclectic show that has really broad appeal. Until next time . . ."

Angie Rees, Painter

"Being part of such a professionally operated show has been so beneficial to me! Not only have I had the occasion to network with other artists and build my skills in areas I was weak in, I have had this amazing opportunity to meet with the public, talk about my work, and expand my market as a result. Much more than providing a venue, it is your combined expertise that has culminated into this 'recipe for success.' Thank you!"

Arlene Westen Evans, Mixed Media Artist

"The day is like a well oiled machine with everyone working for each other. The encouragement and cooperation and mutual support among artists is truly unique."

Rea Harfield, Lampworked Glass Bead Artist

"Calyx . . . is a fabulous show with a huge variety of excellent fine arts and fine crafts, that never gets stale or boring. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful 'happenning'!"

Sharon Lynn Williams, Painter

"For many years I attended Calyx as a patron and was always so impressed with the quality of the work and the creative energy in the room. Now I am proud to be a participating artist in the show and I can't thank you enough for the passion you bring to this event!"

Laura McIvor, Jeweller

"At Calyx you will find tons of top quality and unique one-of-a-kind finds. Calyx is a great opportunity to meet artists, and as a participant, I find the shows to be extremely well run, enjoying the teamwork and the spirit of the day. The Calyx organizers care about and work hard on behalf of each artist . . . and it is greatly appreciated!"

Karen Makowski, Painter

"The artists, the artwork, the energy, and the whole Calyx experience have become important to me and I feel priviledged to belong to such a group."

Deb Turner, Fibre Artist

"The quality of the artwork keeps improving as does the customer attendance. The organizers are always trying to 'tweak' the show to make it better. It is just about the only show that offers such great quality and variety and there is free admission!"

Jim Etzkorn, Potter

"A wonderful, professionally organized show. The concept of artists and artisans working together as a team to promote their work to the public is a very successful one. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a positive experience. Congratulations!"

Finnuala Irwin, Painter

"The Calyx show is an inspiring visual feast of diverse high quality artwork. The show is essential - allowing artists and patrons to connect in a fun informal atmosphere. There is always something for every taste."

Teresa Grasby, Painter

"Congratulations. You have organized a fantastic, original art show that I am proud to be associated with . . . You have boundless energy, a positive outlook and a professional approach to your art. I am so impressed."

"This was the best run show I have ever participated in - every detail was attended to!"

"I was very impressed by the organization, the quality of the work and the positive attitude (very generous) of all the participants . . . excellent cooperation from other artists to a newcomer."

"Well planned and executed - a great group of people."

"Great organization - felt it was both artist friendly and consumer friendly which is a difficult thing to achieve."

"The day went so well, the organization was exemplary, the artwork melded beautifully, the respect towards each other was genuine - I can’t wait for the next one!"

"Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Calyx Art Show
Calyx Art Show
Calyx Art Show
Calyx Art Show
Calyx Art Show